What customers are saying about…

  • Delivering Quality and Affordability

    “I thought I’d have to pay for cold machining to get this kind of accuracy. Great quality and great pricing!”

    Sr. Buyer Heavy Equipment manufacturer
  • Stands Up to Cold Machining Quality

    “Wow! Before I saw it for myself, I didn’t believe that Cogmatic could deliver quality so similar to cold machined parts. Cogmatic’s flame machining quality definitely stands up to cold-machining quality. Seeing is believing!”

    Team Leader Leading Mining Industry OEM
  • Best Gear-Machining Technology

    "Cogmatic’s flame machining is a cost-effective process that definitely saved me money. This is the BEST gear-machining technology!"

    Sr. Engineer
  • Cogmatic's Flame Machining versus Flame Cutting

    “The difference between flame cutting and Cogmatic’s Flame Machining is like night and day.”

Cogmatic’s Cost-Effective Process saved me money! This is the Best Gear-Machining Technology.

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